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Never receive an unwanted gift again. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well thanks to List Ideas this can now be a reality!

Everyone has been there, unwrapping a present from a friend or a loved one and trying very hard not to look disappointed, or at the very least confused, by the strange choice of gift within.

List Ideas is one of those brilliantly simple concepts that once discovered you’ll wonder what you did before you found it.

This site was set up to make your life easier, by putting together a wish list online, so friends and family know what to get each other for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings or indeed any other special occasion.

The idea is to make it simple for you to get inspired, find something you want and then share your wish lists with friends, family or even the rest of the List Ideas online community.

All you need to do is sign up and install the clever little bookmarklet to your toolbar. Next time you surf the web and see something you fancy, just click on the bookmarklet and save the item to one of your wish lists. That’s right – you don’t have to keep going in and out of List Ideas to add items to your wish lists. The bookmarklet does it all for you.

List Ideas also lets you embed your wish lists in your own website,.blog (e.g. MySpace page, bebo) or any other web space you have. Every time you add an item to a wish list, it will automatically update the wish list in your blog or website. This makes it so much easier for you to share your wish lists with your friends, family, and any online community, and of course you don’t have to keep coming back to List Ideas to see ’s in your wish lists!

It can be frustrating trying to explain to someone the exact gift you want, especially if they get the wrong end of the stick. With so many products out there, you really should be able to show someone exactly what it is you want. This is why List Ideas has made it so easy to get the images which illustrate the items you want. Just click on “choose image” in your bookmarklet and select the relevant image from the web page you’re on ’s as easy as that.

Your wish lists are limited only by your own imagination and you can add as many items to as many wish lists as you want, whether its holiday destinations, ideas for your next car or simply things you don’t want to forget.

These wish lists can be viewed by anyone who might want to buy you a present (hint hint) by sending them an invitation to view your wish lists. There is also always the option of keeping your wish lists private or you can leave them public for anyone online to see and be inspired by.

Now we can’t promise’ll receive everything on your list but at least you can reduce your chances of getting yet another 10 pairs of socks next Christmas.

Happy List Building!

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