What is the List Ideas bookmarklet?
The List Ideas bookmarklet makes it easy for you to add items from any website, without logging onto List Ideas first.

Simply add the bookmarklet to your browser or links bar. Then when you see something you like on any website, just click on the bookmarklet to add that item to your list. You can even get all the images on that page, and choose one that represents your item.


How do I get images to illustrate my item?
We know how frustrating it is trying to explain to someone the exact gift you want – especially when they get the wrong end of the stick.

With so many products out there, you really should be able to show someone what it is you want.

This is why we have made it so easy for you to get images to illustrate your item.

Once your bookmarklet is in your links bar or browser, simply click on it whenever you find a potential gift online.

This will open up your bookmarklet browser, and within that you’ll have an option to ‘get’ your image. Click on this button and List Ideas will strip the page of all images, allowing you to pick the one that best illustrates your product. Pretty cool huh?


Is List Ideas Free?
We love free stuff which is why List Ideas is 100% free! Free, free, free! Got that? Good.


How many lists can I have?
You can have as many lists as you want. Go crazy!


How many items can I add to my lists?
We say you can never have too many gifts. In other words, you can add as many items to your lists as you want!


What information do I need when adding an item via the bookmarklet?
All you need to type in is the item name. Make sure this is clear so that your contacts know exactly what it is. When using your List Ideas bookmarklet, it will automatically generate the item link and the image.


What information do I need when adding an item manually?
List Ideas is really easy to use so simply follow the prompts. All you need is the item name, description and url. To show people how much you really want it, why not add a rating?


Will you ever delete my lists?
As long as List Ideas is alive and kicking, your lists are safe with us. You can however delete your lists at any time.


How many contacts can I have?
You can have as many contacts as you want. The more the better.


Is my information safe?
Yes, your information is safe and 100% secure. We don’t give any of your information out to third parties, or anyone else for that matter!


How can I stop other users viewing my lists?
You can simply make your list private so that only your contacts or those that you invite can see your lists.


How do I embed my list into my web page or blog?
Sharing your wish list with friends, family or just about anyone who visits your web page or blog is easy! All you have to do is choose the code that’s best for your web page or blog.

You can either embed using a PHP code which works on PHP sites. You’ll know if your blog is on a PHP platform because you’ll see a .PHP after the url.

Another option is to use Flash. To add your list to a social networking site such as MySpace or Bebo etc, you’ll need to use our flash version. This will work on any site that has flash enabled.

The last resort would be to use our Javascript version if the 2 options above aren’t suitable. This will work in the same was as the PHP version, but will be in Javascript instead.

To embed your list, simply click on the ‘Embed this list’ button located in your list or on your wish list listings page (that’s when you click on the ‘My List’ tab). Go to my lists now!


How do the RSS Feeds work?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.

If you’re on Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 7, the browser will have feed “readers” or "aggregators" already installed so you won't need to set your browser settings. However, if you can only view the "raw" format of the feeds, then you’ll need to visit Google: http://www.google.co.uk/reader/view/, where you’ll be able to view the items in the feed. If you need anymore information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Embed your list on your blog