My Bookmarklet

Add your bookmarklet to your toolbar now so that you can add items to your list from any website!

Your List Ideas bookmarklet is a very handy little thing. It sits on your toolbar when surfing the web and when you want to add anything, to any of your lists, all you need to do is click it.

It will still work even if you aren’t signed in to List Ideas!

When you see something you like on any website, such as, just click on your bookmarklet to add that item to your list, of course you will need to sign up to List Ideas and add it to your toolbar first.

You can even get all the images on that page, and choose the one that represents your item.

Once you have seen something you like on a page, click on your bookmarklet (remember, you can name your bookmarklet anything you want, especially if you have multiple users on your computer).

When you have clicked on it, a pop up will appear like the one below.

Choose from the drop down which list you want, this will automatically update itself when you add new lists.

Choose a name for your item, add a comment or description and then rate how much you want it by clicking on the stars.

Lastly, this is the fun bit, click on ‘Choose Image’ below the ‘No Image’ box. This will strip the page of all the images, allowing you to choose an image that best describes your item.

Then click on the relevant image and the bookmarklet will add it to the images section.

Once you are happy with your choice, scroll down and click on the ‘save’ tab. This is then added to your chosen list – all without you even being logged in!