Nemilicious's Wish Lists

Cups and Mugs(29 items)


For enjoying hot chocolate or rich wine!

Category Tags: mugs, cups, glasses, Misc

Glory of Writing(32 items)


For taking notes, compiling letters or just scrambling sweet messages :)

Category Tags: Notebook, journal, Paper, pad, Misc

Victoria's Secret(43 items)


Sweet 'n sexy, for all occasions and rooms!

Category Tags: bra, panty, babydoll, dress, skirt, Top, pants, shoes, swim

Make-up & Beauty(72 items)


I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Category Tags: eyeshadow, lipstick, lip-gloss, pencil, mascara, Powder, concealer, eyeliner, Palette, blush, Nail-Polish, Misc

Gothic - Bottom Half(34 items)


From the waist down :D

Category Tags: skirt, pants, tights, socks, stockings

Gothic - Dresses(26 items)


The epitome of Victorian style, gothic dresses are the most chic!

Category Tags: dress

Gothic - Top Half(65 items)


From the waist up :D

Category Tags: corset, blouse, Shirt, Coat, jacket, t-shirt, clothestank, Top, gloves

Gothic - Random(35 items)


Bags, paintings and other lovely miscellaneous goth decorations.

Category Tags: bag, painting, box, statue, figurine, Misc

Gothic - Jewellery(35 items)


I was always a fan of the Gothic Chic style :)

Category Tags: Earrings, Ring, pendant, choker, BROOCH, necklace, Bracelet, jewellery

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